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Gdańsk & Sopot Gdańsk & Sopot Gdańsk & Sopot Gdańsk & Sopot Gdańsk & Sopot Gdańsk & Sopot


Gdańsk is a port city on the Baltic Sea, situated at the mouth of the Vistula Motława the Gulf of Gdansk, the Baltic port of Gdansk. Together with Gdynia and Sopot makes Tricity forms. It's a center of cultural, scientific and economic hub of northern Polish. Gdańsk with 456 874 inhabitants is the sixth city in Poland in terms of population and the sixth in terms of area.

Gdansk agglomeration inhabited by about 1.2 million. It is one of the oldest Polish cities, with over a thousand years of history. Gdańsk has a worthwhile historical buildings, works on many of the institutions and cultural centers. Is also a royal city and the Hanseatic - Gdańsk of his time was the most populous and richest city in Poland. This is also one of the most important tourist centers, natural attractions and the possibility of active holiday on the shores of the Baltic Sea (23 km of clean beaches) make it make it every year to visit this city of 1.4 million foreign tourists and more than 5.9 million domestic tourists.


Pearl of Baltic. Sopot is a beautiful seaside resort situated on the southern coast of Baltic Sea in northern Poland. Sopot is a large health & spa tourist resort destination with traditions of spa reaching the beginnings of the 19th century. Resort with its great location between Gdansk & Gdynia is a great place of rest and recreation, very often referred to the summer capital of Poland.

More than 60% of the town is covered by green areas. Resort is placed between Tri-City Landscape Park and 4.5 km long sandy beaches of the Bay of Gdansk. With its location Sopot is a great place for people who are looking for healthy and active rest all year. Resort offers numerous attractions, so everybody can find something suitable.

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